The goal of the Manchester Park PTO is to enrich the experience of the students, teachers & staff. PTO board members work supportively and collaboratively with the Principal to support the mission and vision of Manchester Park.

President- Presides over all meetings, attends Site Council meetings, oversees the work of specific committees, works closely with the principal to support the school and needs of the staff and students.
Vice President- Acts as an aide to the President, performs the duties of the President when the President is absent, oversees the work of specific committees, and coordinates nominations.
Secretary- Takes the minutes at all meetings, keeps a roster of the membership and attendance at PTO meetings, disperses the minutes to the PTO Board, prepares a summary of the monthly newsletter and posting on the web page, maintains current and past records of the organization, verifies votes placed through absentee ballots and oversees the work of specific committees. 
Treasurer- Keeps a full and accurate account of funds, receipts, and expenditures, provides financial statements at every meeting, prepare tax statements, presents the proposed budget to the PTO board, makes disbursements of funds to pay bills, maintains the PTO checking account, and oversees the work of specific committees.
Fundraising Director- Gathers and researches potential fundraisers, assists treasurer and/or fundraising chair in accounting for all fundraising revenues, oversees the work of specific committees. 
Communications Director- Creates flyers and social media posts to inform MP families of the events and activities. Serves to provide and assist in collaborative support of the PTO by keeping MP families informed of any fundraisers, programs, community events, or volunteer opportunities.

The Manchester Park PTO asks for board nominations in February/March for the upcoming school year. You can nominate yourself or someone you know. All nominations will be personally contacted to verify their willingness to serve. We greatly appreciate your active participation in our parent-teacher organization. If you have questions, please contact any member of our current PTO board.